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"Moving you from the Ordinary to the Extra-Ordinary!" 


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Writing Coaching Services:

Writing is a Healing Art.

  • Do you want to write to express your life history, your thoughts and insights?
  • Do you desire to transform your inner life into outer language?
  • Do you want to turn trauma into wisdom?
  • Do you need encouragement and non-judgmental feedback?

I am here to support your longing to find a voice and to keep going against the resistance of your Gremlins inner and outer.

Please call for a complementary 40 sample session.

And so, I became a writer and I cannot stay quiet. A writer will not forget, and she rejects to be silenced. She trusts that all the small and big moments of life matter to be told, to be rejoiced or grieved. These countless personal experiences weave the panels of history more effectively than politicians do. The writer is witness and speaks up for what she sees and how it turns her heart. She gives significance to the ordinary; she howls and whispers, she embraces the dark as well as the light. She says This is what I saw and it is not forgotten. My life and your life matter.
                          Excerpt from my memoir:
Dancing on One Foot.

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Are you ready to turn vision into action? 

Move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Call me at 505/466-2705  or  
E-mail me at

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