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Who is Shanti

I believe that life is a great mystery and I deeply enjoy being involved in the exploration of this mystery.  My life's purpose is working with human beings and their longing for the bigger picture of 'Who they are' and 'Who they will become', including myself.                     

Shanti E. Bannwart


Shanti has more than twenty-five years of experience and training in the field of human potential, development and healing.

Personal Life

Shanti has been following and practicing a spiritual path for most of her adult life. She meditates daily and keeps a balanced life between work, personal and artistic endeavors.  She is also a trained artist working with clay.  Her collection has been shown in several galleries in the U.S., Australia and Japan.

Shanti received a M.F.A in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Her essays have appeared in national and international magazines. Her memoirs were published March 2012 under the title: “Dancing On One Foot.”

Shanti is mother and grandmother. She loves life and celebrates every day.

Shanti's credentials include

  • Licensed Psychotherapist M.A. / L.P.C.C.
  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing
  • Freeland Writer, Author, Writing Coach
    M.F.A. in Creative Writing
  • Counselor and Certified Professional & Personal Life-Coach C.P.C.C.
  • 'PAIRS' Master Teacher for Psycho Educational Relationship Training
  • Licensed IMAGO Relationship Therapist
  • National and international workshop leader and presenter
  • Works in Private Clinic and in Holistic Health Clinic in Santa Fe
  • AHMA American Holistic Medical Association.
    Assoc. Member
  • AMWA American Medical Woman's Association

Special Areas of Expertise

  • Transition of life
  • Holistic physicians building private practice
  • Coaches building business
  • Creativity and creative process
  • Aging with grace and creativity: Pro-Tirement!
  • Living the authentic life

Target Clients

  • Medical providers, Holistic Physicians
  • Coaches emerging and building their business
  • Therapist and other people in the healing arts
  • Artists
  • Movers and shakers
  • Retirees
  • Anyone who wants to live their true passion and life purpose

Are you ready to turn vision into action? 

Are you ready to move from the Ordinary to the Extra-Ordinary?

Call me at 505/466-2705  or  
     E-mail me at

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Shanti Bannwart


Art Work by Shanti



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