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"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." Ralph Waldo Emerson




what my clients are saying about the effects of our coaching sessions

" Most recently, I went to Shanti for her coaching techniques that she currently practices.  I found her to be a remarkable coach, able to zero in on the crux of what I didn't see on my own that I needed help with.  I've had a lot of counseling in my life, and never have I found a counselor or coach whose skills even approach the quality of Shanti Bannwart's.  She has an ability that few possess, knowing when to offer suggestions and when to simply listen with care and her own special ear.  I highly recommend her to anyone whose life is not what they would like it to be."
Jan Jennings, Realtor
Santa Fe


"My work with Shanti is a journey which leads me along the path of getting to know not only who I am but who I am able to be. This work has proven to be invaluable in my personal and business relationships. I've come to know the many layers of my being due to her style of therapy and coaching. Most importantly she creates a comfortable environment which enables me to safely open up the many doors of the unknown which lie before me."
S.O., Business Owner and Designer
Santa Fe, New Mexico


"I have worked with Shanti for about seven months, and the transformative power of our work has amazed me.  As a professional coach, she has tremendous insight into the deeper meanings of many of the choices I have faced, and she has been instrumental in helping me to bring a profound shift to the way I approach my career as well as my life.  We frequently have spoken of the "bigger picture" and my overall intention and purpose in life, and she has a great capacity to keep that "big picture" in the forefront for even the (seemingly) smallest of decisions.  I look forward to a continued association with her in the future, and can recommend her highly as a competent, compassionate professional."
Sharon K. Hull, MD
Medical Doctor, Professor and Dean


"Shanti has the ability to understand the dynamics of a situation quickly. She has an excellent understanding of who I am and how to assist me in approaching situations in a way I would not see by myself.  Working with Shanti has been invaluable to me.  She understands the situations that I am in and assists me in seeing them in a constructive way. I can focus on a situation better after having spoken with her.  She has helped me be more positive, recognize my strengths and use them in my life. The quality of my life has improved through the work I've done with
Shanti.  The situation I am in may not be changed, but Shanti has helped me evaluate the situation differently, see the good in it or a way to actually change it into a positive.  I have a better attitude toward life having worked with Shanti.  She has the ability to simplify the situation for me.  Things become less overwhelming and a positive, constructive approach is more easily found.  I am a happier person having worked with Shanti."

Joyce Robins,
Business Owner, Santa Fe

"I have been helped by Shanti Bannwart, my coach, not only in achieving specific goals - in which fear prevented me from acting- but also in realizing what my life's journey was  all about. During times of intense sorrow and burdens, she helped me to remember not to forget to nurture myself. And woven through all the challenges I faced, she helped me to understand who I really am and how to get in touch with my capacity for love and joy."
Marlene Zander Gutierrez, Albuquerque

Other Voices:

"I am finding a strong sense of my own power. It feels terrific and very exciting."

"Developing my own game plan is a tremendous relief, and you holding me accountable puts it into reality."

" You are so encouraging and I feel truly seen and acknowledged.  That helps me to honor myself more."

"I am stepping out of frozenness and feel rejuvenated."

"Before our sessions, I had no idea how much is possible.  Now I am flying and enjoying my life!"

"I am leaving my 'Gremlins' behind.  Setting goals and finding tools to achieve them is very satisfying. Thank you!"

"I am with your help committing to my inner and outer well-being, and I do not feel guilty about focusing on myself."

"I am finally writing the book which was waiting inside me for many years.  I feel terrific!"

"I am learning, that just doing it and not putting it off is changing my life!"

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