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Previously published works

  • Dancing on One Foot, Growing up in Nazi Germany, A Memoir. Published March 2012.
  • Reported on Educational conferences for a daily newspaper in Aarau, Switzerland: 1970-1980. Focus on education, change and political activism.
  • Essay in The Sun, 10/05: Guardian at the Threshold between Life and Death.
  • Essay in Sculptural Pursuit, Summer 2006: Journey into the Heart of Art.
  • Essay in Sacred Fire Magazine: Issue #2: Take Off Your Shoes.
  • Essay in Tokyo Advocate, June 2007: Eating Her Children.**
  • Essay in Pitkin Literary Magazine: Spring 2007: The Lilac Bush.**
  • Essay in The Sun, 3/08: The Power of Writing to Heal.**
  • Essay in Aquila Literary Magazine Fall 2008, Volume One: Shadow Behind the Ear.**
  • Essay in Pitkin Literary on-line Magazine: Spring 2009: Appointment with History.**
  • Essay on the website of the movie Bloodlines: Tightrope Across the Abyss.
** These essays are excerpts from my memoir: “Dancing On One Foot.”.

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Move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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